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Blue and yellow medieval armor
During the Battle of Crécy, although outnumbered by heavily armored French Knights, the English defeated the French and sent shock waves throughout medieval Europe. Why were the French knights defeated? They failed to consider changes taking place in weaponry and neglected to adjust their battle strategy after several failed attempts to take push the British back.

Our marketing consultants help you quickly adapt to changes taking place online and design a suitable marketing strategy to grow your business or ministry.

Marketing Strategy

Blue and yellow medieval crown
The Emperor's New Clothes is a folktale about a conceited king who is tricked by two weavers into believing that their fabric is extraordinary and visible only to the intelligent. Everyone, including the emperor, pretends to see the new clothes, until a child reveals the truth during a public procession.

With our content marketing strategy, we help companies provide their audience with information that is actually relevant and helpful to them, as opposed to blindly following what everyone else may be doing or giving their audience. It is possible for your content to stand out from the rest because of real quality.

Content Marketing

Blue and yellow rope on the ground
In an ancient Greek tale, when Pythias is accused of plotting against the tyrant Dionysius and arrested, his friend Damon agrees to be imprisoned in his place so that Pythias could settle his affairs before his execution. Believing Pythias will never return, the tyrant orders Damon to be executed on the set day. However, Pythias arrived as promised. Amazed by the friendship, Dionysius frees both men.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to build friendship, trust, and loyalty. We will guide you to establish those qualities with your audience.

Social Media Marketing

old paper on top of a desk
In 1918, hundreds of soldiers were trapped behind enemy lines and their only hope for survival was to send a message across to friendlies. Despite getting shot, carrier pigeon Cher Ami delivered the message by flying to its loft with the note hanging from its injured foot. Similarly, a well-planned email marketing strategy can be just as crucial as using homing pigeons during World War 1.

Let our marketing team handcraft your important messages and efficiently deliver them to your audience. Your email marketing efforts should not be ignored and forgotten in their inboxes.

Email Marketing

Blue and yellow medieval travel bag
John Bunyan's allegorical work, The Pilgrim's Progress, chronicles the extraordinary journey of a man who discovers that he would be swept away if he doesn’t leave the city he lives in. He takes an unpopular path that leads him to a place that exceeds all he could ever dream of.

Online Evangelism is a new path to get the Gospel to millions today. We’ve taken the path and are ready to train you on effective methods.

Online Evangelism Training

We help you...

Two businessmen shaking their hands
Connection happens when both parties have an opportunity to speak and listen. Many Christian businesses and ministries are doing a lot of talking online and not enough listening. At COMPOSE, we believe in using digital tools, not only to share your company’s message, but also to listen to what your audience is saying.


Open bible on a desk
Ultimately, your desire is to make the lives of others better through your business or ministry. We choose to work with clients whose mission is to minister to the human soul. We work to find ways to show the audience how your business or ministry meets their needs, answer their questions, and impacts their lives.


Crowd of business people at an event
Through storytelling , connecting, and ministering , we see growth happen. At COMPOSE, we analyze the data, employ skills and techniques, and depend on Christ to see growth for our clients’ business or ministry.


When in doubt,
do what Jesus did.

Following the method of Jesus Christ, Compose isn’t just about telling stories…we’re about moving people to action.

The disciples of Jesus Christ asked Him the same question 2000 years ago, “Why tell stories?”

Jesus used a method that would connect with His listeners.

He created us as storytellers - beings with a deep need to share emotions and build connection through narratives.

And this method is effective in both business and evangelism

Anyone can tell a story - but not everyone can tell a story in a way that moves people.

At Compose, we leverage the way humans are designed to remember information and we incorporate it into digital marketing strategies.

If your business or ministry is seeking to connect with people and spur action, let us help you use methods that are effective in building trust and establishing credibility.

"Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to tell stories" - Roger C. Schank

Combining our Skills. Working for You

When Stephen and Felecia Lee first met, they never imagined the adventure that would come from working together in ministry and helping others.
- A growing online ministry
- Digital courses that changes lives
- Social media content that is shared around the world
- Presentations that equip leaders to do more online

They fuse the power of storytelling and digital marketing to help Christian businesses and ministries smoothly move on from ineffective techniques and reach the right audience.

Their combined skill sets in project management and organization, graphic design, leadership, marketing, online evangelism, radio and television production (to name a few) means clients get to enjoy:
- Seeing their audience engage more with them online
- Sharing the Gospel through their business
- Making a lasting impact in the lives of those they serve
- Watching their ministry or business grow
- Connecting with donors who believe in their mission
- Expanding their customer base and reaching new markets

Their story is one of perseverance, innovation, and faith, as they use their skills and God-given gifts to make a difference in the world.

Stephen and Felecia Lee

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